Product Acceptance All products delivered by the customer are entered into the CRM Application in accordance with the ISO quality assurance system. The goal is to meet customer expectations in the best way possible and to plan customer-oriented production strategies. This way, the production model is shaped and the customer satisfaction is met in the fastest way. Also, customer data are mutually controlled with product acceptance.
Test Station It is configured for Functional Tests. Test stations are modified according to customer requirements and production schedule.
Test stations are supported by software automation systems:
Automatic Version Control and Software Installation
Audio and Video Control
Adapter, HDMI and Signal Control
Smart Card Operation Control
Front Panel LED Operation Control
repair process The repair process starts for the products which are found to be defective in the functional test process.
Problems are identified with state-of-the-art automatic troubleshooting systems, and are fixed.
Fixed products are put through the load-time tests according to the ISO standards.
cosmetic maintenance The cosmetic problem of the product is exactly detected. According to the detection, it is designated which cosmetic maintenance program needs to be applied on the product. R&D work is carried out to solve new cosmetic problems. Every cosmetic product is checked according to the relevant quality control standard.
quality control At Supportive’s quality controls, no matter how large the quantity of products, top level controls are conducted instead of conventional methods. It does not select a quantity from a palette, but checks each product individually:
Cosmetic and accessory quantity control
Proper accessory control
Product - gift box barcode control
Outside box and gift box barcode control
Fastest transfer to the related department for defective products, urgent solution request
Quality Control Reporting
packaging In the Supportive’s packaging system, decisions on how to make the package for the product is made together with the customer.
It offers recommendations for customer on the most cost-effective and damage-free shipping of the product.
It looks out for for the most stable shipping of the product.
It makes a purchase for the gift box and parcel on behalf of the customer.
Customer satisfaction at the purchase is at the forefront.
reporting It uses the functionality provided by the CRM system in the reporting system. Each product is registered at critical locations according to the ISO standards. The customer can access the production values at any time. Reports are prepared at the level desired by the client, and presented at any time.
shipping It receives the product from the customer with the shipping tools available within in its own body. After the production process, it delivers to the Customer at the desired time. Shipment vehicles are controlled by the tracking system. The customer is informed about the shipment.
SOLUTION METHODOLOGY Identification and analysis in the solution methodology of the problems we encounter as Supportive are of primary importance. Correctly diagnosis of problems are the beginning of correct solutions. Process follow-up is the second major factor in the solution process. Supportive Turkey considers monitoring and testing all the steps on the way to reach solutions to be the basic principles of the methodology.
SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY Supportive Turkey is planning its principles useful to humanity and environment in a developing technology, simultaneously with the constantly improving technology manufacturers on a parallel line. It unconditionally acknowledges that sustainability is the balancing point in production and product balancing.
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